Beautiful and Brave Conference Schedule


(Doors open at 5:45 p.m.)

6:10p.m. Prayer Group (in Prayer Room)
6:30p.m. Registration, Dessert, Coffee and Background music
7:00p.m. Welcome, Worship with Lisa Reiff Band
7:45p.m. Session 1: Pam Farrel, Speaker
8:35p.m. Closing with Emcee



8:15a.m. Prayer Group in Prayer Room
8:30a.m. Coffee, Registration and Background music
9:00a.m. Welcome, Book review, Singing with Lisa Reiff Band
9:25a.m. Session 2: Pam Farrel, Speaker
10:10a.m. Break:Refreshments, Book tables, Stretching, and Fellowship
10:40a.m. Music, Worship and Special Feature/Mini Concert w/ Lisa Reiff Band
11:15a.m. Session 3 Pam Farrel, Speaker
12:00p.m. Lunch Buffet
1:00p.m. Welcome back: Gift Drawings from Bookstore and Conference Staff (w/collection of name tags)
1:30p.m. Music with Lisa Reiff Band
1:45p.m. Session 4: Pam Farrel, Speaker
2:30p.m. Wrap up with Lisa Reiff Band
3:00p.m. Closing Prayer